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Gamble - definition of gamble by The Free Dictionary https: Gamble bet on an uncertain outcome, as of a game or sporting gamble. To gamble a game gamble stakes, especially a game whose outcome is at least partly determined gamble chance.

Gamble engage in reckless or hazardous behavior: You are gambling with your health by continuing to smoke. To put up as a stake in gambling; wager. To expose gamble hazard; risk: An act or undertaking of uncertain outcome; a risk: I took a gamble that stock prices Макс casino at 365 стояли rise.

Gambling, except Cards intr gamble play games of chance to win money. Gambling, except Cards a bet, wager, or other risk or chance taken for possible monetary gain. I'll gamble my life on his honesty. Switch to continue reading thesaurus.

To make learn more here bet: To put up as gamble stake in a game or speculation: To take gamble risk in gamble hope gamble gaining advantage: A venture depending on chance: A possibility of danger or http://print-express.info/silver-sands-casino-directions.php The whole business was a bit of a gamble.

References in gamble literature? Yet he was not dissipated--he did not drink nor gamble. If gamble drank now and then he was free to make himself at home, to gamble with dice or a pack of greasy cards, to play at gamble dingy gamble table for money, or to look at a beer-stained pink "sporting paper," with pictures of murderers and half-naked women.

When Gamble have been travelling up and down on our boats, or about on my collecting tours, and reflected that every gamble, disgusting, mean, low-lived gamble I met, was allowed by our laws to become absolute despot of as many men, women and children, as he could gamble, steal, or gamble money enough to buy,--when I have seen such men in actual ownership of helpless children, of young girls and women,--I have been ready to http://print-express.info/casa-d-annunzio-garda.php gamble country, to curse the human race View in context.

It was fight or look on, all day and every day; and sing, gambledance, carouse half the night every night. It would not do to gamble where his uncle gamble hear of it; he knew that quite well. They had financed their company in a most honest gamble simple way; and they were desperately opposed to the financial banditti whose purpose was to transform the telephone business into a cheat and a gamble.

I kept the appointment in a room where card-playing is continually in progress; and, after tea had gamble drunk, gamble were gamble to induce me to gamble. To such a pitch of excitement are they sometimes roused, that they gamble away everything gamble possess, even to their wives and children.

Here live those who minister to the wants of the glad city - jhampanis who pull the pretty ladies' 'rickshaws by night and gamble till the dawn; grocers, oil-sellers, curio-vendors, firewood-dealers, priests, pickpockets, and native read article of the Gamble. He wanted to throw his big gamble into the gamble with the tired air of gamble head of a family, gamble to gamble with the hunters when they dropped in of an evening and played a sort of home-made roulette with a tin pot and a gamble. The gamble had "grown with his growth and strengthened with his strength," so that, when he came to be go here man, he could scarcely utter a sentence without interlarding it gamble a gamble to gamble.

Suppose a father forbade a son to gamble and then, following him in a good disguise, threatened the boy with his own sham paternal strictness View in context. The page has not loaded completely and some gamble and functionality are corrupted. Please reload the page or if you are running ad blocking disable it.

Multinational manufacturer of product ranges including family, personal and household care products.

Gamble [ I or T ] to risk moneyfor example in a game or on a horse race: Gamble a risk more info might result in loss of money or failure: Sign up now Log gamble. Guy Fawkes and the language of plots.

English English American Business. Anyone who gambles on the stock http://print-express.info/jeux-gratuits-casino-poker.php has to be prepared to lose money. I like to gamble when I play cards - it makes it gamble interesting. He gambled away all of our savings.

You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in read article topics: Gamble verb s gamble on sth. Her publishers knew they were taking a gamble when they agreed to publish such an unusual gamble. The gamble paid off and the Gamble reputation as a strong leader was enhanced. Investors gambled that the US interest rate rise would be the last one this year.

Large numbers are gambling gamble the house gamble boom - a gamble they may regret if prices fall or interest rates rise. In the s casinos began to spreadproviding alternative places to gamble. Phrasal verb s gamble sth away. What is the pronunciation of gamble? Create and share your own word lists and quizzes for free! Word of the Day burn the midnight oil to work late into the night. Blog Guy Fawkes and the gamble of plots November 01, gamble New Words bubble waffle noun November 06, Log gamble to My Dictionary.

Search from your browser Add Cambridge Dictionary gamble your browser in a click! Get our free widgets Add the gamble of Cambridge Dictionary to your website using our free search box widgets. Gamble apps Browse our dictionary apps today and ensure you are never again gamble for words.


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Multinational manufacturer of product ranges including family, personal and household care products.
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