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I've been tasked in class with a project to create a spreadsheet that can play roulette. I'm being asked to be able to make a "spin the wheel" function that returns a number between 0 and 36 no 00 in this oneand then tabulates your winnings based on your bets.

It should also display total money on roulette excel and winnings, be able to clear the board of bets, buy more chips to add roulette excel your "money on hand" amount, and http://print-express.info/paypal-casino-deutschland-support.php able to start over from a blank slate.

I've been beating my head against a wall for here days now and have roulette excel clue how to even start, read more I would post an example of how far I am.

Any help you can give is greatly appreciated: Other than that, it's just doing some roulette excel of bets to odds.

What's crucial is understanding how Roulette works. Do you know how it's played? I do know how roulette is roulette excel. You spin the wheel, bet on where the ball will land, and win money accordingly. The problem I'm having is I have really no idea how to convert what would be a wheel with click here numbers into a table, categorized roulette excel multiple sections.

Roulette excel need 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12, as well as Red, Black, Odd, Even, and 1st 18 and 2nd The idea is to create a sheet that will "spin" a number, and then depending on where that number fell and how roulette excel bet, it will return a value of how much cash you've won.

But I'm very stuck on turning the wheel into a table You would just have to list every single possibility for bets and the associated odds for each possibility.

It'd be a long table, but it'd work. Then, you'd just need to look up the odds for the result, see how much money is put down, and do the math to take the result. The table will be the hardest part, most likely. Be like a professional programmer - copy the work of others. I tried to copy his work I mean, what I would do is literally create a wheel of numberthen write a sub that, upon call, would "spin" the wheel.

That is, starting at whatever number, it would highlight each roulette excel along the "wheel" subito case color as it goes around. You can utilize Application. I have no idea what you're going for roulette excel. I tried putting this into my workbook but it said "Invalid for immediate pane".

More than that, I roulette excel no clue what a module is Next, you need to make a range of numbers from 37 total. Just start numbering somewhere 0, 1, 2 etc down a column. I'm sure we could get creative and make something that looks pretty good. Excel has lots of shapes etc to get the ball rolling pun intended. From there it is really just modifying the code above so that it actually goes around the wheel. Returning a value would be a breeze. I'm a newbie here, so not sure where to upload the file I just made, but I'll describe it.

I turned off automatic sheet calculation and made a button that would calculate the sheet when pushed using a macro:. That gives you your random number. I then made the presentation a little better to display roulette excel number in the middle of a big circle that kind of looks like a roulette wheel.

Then you could learn more here a complicated If statement to generate winners for each category.

Then, conditional formatting to turn the brown cell white if the random roulette excel equals the number in the circle. Then add a couple more ActiveSheet. Calculate to the macro with delays in between to give the "ball moving around" kind of look.

This web page makes some sense The display and look isn't nearly as important as the functionality of the sheet.

I'd thought to use a vlookup function on a table of possible values, but I've run into the trouble of to categorize them and then return winnings based on those categories 1st 12 and what have you. OK figured out how roulette excel strip out personal data. It really isn't that complicated. I downloaded yours, it's perfect! This is exactly the sort of thing that I needed.

My one question, though, is that every time I place a bet it changes the wheel learn more here to something different One last thing, roulette excel, how would I go roulette excel adding a "Total Reset" button? Right roulette excel on it to assign a macro.

Paste this into the new macro:. Sub Name of Button Range "B2: It'll give you an error about circular reference, but don't worry about it, the manual triggering of calculations solve that problem. As my master, Yoda, once said Very wise, you are. Finally got out of work and to a computer with a more current edition of excel. How to I make the "reset" button change my original funds back to a starter amount? Like, if I want to start withhow would I tell the reset button to change it back to that?

Just say set cell to value n? I notice that roulette excel I "Spin", the "Starting Funds" total keeps updating to be the same as the new total. Anyway I can just set this to a base value of ? Off the top of my head, I would have a table of each number, and the category it fits in to black, red, first third, second third, etc etc. Then create roulette excel macro to update a random value as someone mentioned above.

Sum those results for the win. And maybe a macro to add the result of the bet to a pot, clear bet ready for the roulette excel go. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Http://print-express.info/mount-pocono-casino.php posts roulette excel you like helps more people in the community see them. Already have an account?

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Having a hard time picking a name? Here are some available suggestions. Log in or sign up article source seconds. Ask an Excel Question! OPs can reply to any solutions with: Congratulations and thank you to these contributors Date User CP This is an archived post. You won't be able to vote or comment. Want to add to the discussion? Use Rnd to get a random number of iterations. Whichever number is highlighted at the end is your roll.

From there it is just referencing a hash table with all of your outcomes. Updated it for you! Copy and paste my code into a module. Now just run the sub click anywhere in code and press F5 and watch it "spin. What would creating a fancy wheel that lights up entail?

I turned off automatic sheet calculation and made a button that would calculate the roulette excel when pushed using a macro: Calculate End Roulette excel That gives you your random number. Does this make any sense? Let me find a place to upload it deleted comment but it should be in your roulette excel available for download. Paste this into the new macro:

theory of gambling: Simulating Roulette in Excel Roulette excel

Why Roulette Betting Strategies Lose. Here I want to share my progression calculation sheet with you. I often roulette excel progressions, where the numbers of the bets change during progression.

I bet 4 times 3 straight numbers, than 5 times 4 numbers and so on. So I il editrice mulino casa to roulette excel one by my own. First I made it only for straight numbers, but as I decided to share it, I have revised it to all chances. In the sheet, you only have to input check this out in the yellow fields. First of all, there is the payout field, where you put roulette excel the payout for the chance, you want to have to be calculatet p.

Then there is the "No. Here you enter the quantity of the bets you want to bet one line beneath roulette excel other p. In the висели, saratoga raceway and casino ответил column you will be told how much you have to bet to stay in profit after a win.

The calculation stops, when you would have to rise your bet over more than 50 units compared with the previous bet. The next column shows you the win without any deductions. Then there is a column, roulette excel the actual stake would be shown and at least there is also a column, where the total stake will be shown, that was betted during the progression until this stage. The sheet is reduced to 37 stages of progression. I hope, I could explain roulette excel clear, but if you use the sheet, it should explain itself.

Roulette excel you find any error in the calculations or have other questions, please feel free to contact me. I hope, this will help you a little. Good luck to all MadMax. Logged Sep 16, Thank you Chris for your kind words! I do this, because I benefit a lot from the knowledge of these forum and want to give something back. Remove the check mark at write protection, and it should work!

Hallo and thanks for a very good bet calculator. Has anybody possibly seen a bet calculator somewhere where your win amount is the first option. Let us say we bet 1 unit on 5 numbers. At the 7th spin we make 1 unit profit. But from now and on we would like to have 2 units of profit for every coming spin. Next bet will be 1,2 on each number to get 2 units profit and so on. Logged Jan 27, Laura Rosa Vittoria Member 1. Just wanted to say roulette excel you for roulette excel shared your progression roulette excel. Mille grazie Quote from: Roulette excel on Sep 16, Logged Sep 10,

Martingale Betting System

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