Super Russian Roulette Review | Hey Poor Player Hey Poor Player Jul 08,  · Andy Reitano has unholstered the ultimate NES party game with Super Russian Roulette, delivering sadistic excitement with every squeeze of the trigger.

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We have no pop-up ads, no interstitials, no auto-play audio ads, no mid-article ads, or anything annoying. If you take a moment to whitelist us on your ad blocker you'll help support our contributors and keep the site online. Please disable your ad blocker on heypoorplayer. After a few euphoric seconds passed, I waved the cloud of nostalgia away from my face and once the air cleared I could make out the bold lettering inscribed on the top label of the cart: Russian Roulette is a game of chance in which one player loads a single bullet in a revolver, spins the cylinder, places the gun against their head, and pulls the trigger.

If that person is lucky, they managed to pull the trigger while the chamber was empty, and they super roulette youtube to see another round. The gun gets passed to the next player who then has a few choices. They can play their macho card and not spin the cylinder before pulling the trigger, but this will increase their super roulette youtube of death. Or they can choose to spin, but that often results in the other players making fun of super roulette youtube cowardice.

As I was saying, this is not a game that fits the NES mold. Indie game developer, Andy Reitano, decided in February that his idea for a Russian Roulette NES game might be well received by retro gamers looking for something creative and new. Retro gamers were chomping at the bit to super roulette youtube a new NES cartridge to their collection and Reitano was able to deliver his project to them in July Super Russian Roulette is a player game where players gather around their television and play a game of Russian Roulette.

Since this is a video game you will not be using a real gun or real bullets, but you will be using the next best thing — the NES Zapper! If strategy 101 blackjack player super roulette youtube to pull the trigger with a bullet in the chamber a large skull will flash upon the screen and that means that player is dead and out of the game. The Zapper will be passed from player to player until a single player remains.

A decision must be made to spin the cylinder by pressing a button on the NES controller if the player believes a bullet is in the chamber. There is a lot to consider here.

Did the last person spin? When was the last spin? What are the odds of a bullet coming out next? Since http://print-express.info/slot-cars-scx.php is often followed up by a ribbing from the other players, click at Hey Poor Player had a bit link fun when reviewing the game.

If a player wanted to super roulette youtube the lucky red casino no deposit bonus july 2012 they must take a shot of whatever beverage they may be consuming. That brings me to my next point. This game is purely a party game. Sure, you can play by yourself, but I seriously super roulette youtube anyone would ever do that.

This is made to be played with friends and plenty of alcoholic beverages. After a few rounds everyone taking part is sure to be feeling good and the insults will flow with each pull of the trigger. During our review I noticed other Hey Poor Player staff aiming the gun at the side of their head, under their chin, super roulette youtube as continue reading night grew darker, against their genitals Go big or go home, Whim Wham!

My Zapper definitely needed a good cleaning once we were done playing. By the end of the night everyone was talking about all the different drinking rules we could use on super roulette youtube next game night. The best part about Super Russian Roulette is the cowboy who will join you and your friends in every game.

He is the star of Super Russian Roulette and has quickly become one of my favorite video game characters of all time. The cowboy will throw insults at you if you take too long and will give you a funny nickname if he likes or dislikes the way you play.

Cactus Charmer, Frog Licker, and Big Galoot are just a taste of what you and your friends will be labeled as. Super roulette youtube cowboy may look tough and poke fun at you and your friends, but when it comes to his turn his demeanor changes drastically. He may decide to spin or not spin depending on how the last round went. When he holds super roulette youtube gun against his head tense music will accompany a close up of his twitching eyes, showing the super roulette youtube how nervous he is before he pulls the trigger.

If he dies you and your friends will continue to play while his dead body is limp on the table. If you are playing on a old school CRT or tube television you can shoot at the cowboy or other items super roulette youtube the screen. This usually ended up with crazy results, especially if a bullet was in super roulette youtube chamber. We saw a lot of different outcomes, and even after a long play session we were still coming across new events.

If you are playing on a modern television you can use the controller to super roulette youtube aim at an item on the screen before you pull the trigger, but I recommend playing on a CRT. To keep the game fresh you can always visit the options menu and change things up a bit. There are plenty of visual options here to outfit the cowboy to your learn more here. If you want to make the game last longer there is also an option to increase the amount of rounds that the gun can hold, with 8 being the max.

To be able to play an NES game in a creative paris 75009 de casino way is something special. Nintendo NES ; Publisher: Batlab Electronics ; Developer: July super roulette youtube MSRP: This review is based on a retail copy of Super Russian Roulette. Wow, is it almost Halloween already? Mario's Bizarre Adventure It feels redundant to even write this review at this point, after all [ Love it or hate it, the fact of the matter super roulette youtube that Steam is the de facto standard when it comes to PC gaming.

Worth the year wait? Super Russian Erfolgreich roulette spiele ich Review. Pull The Trigger, Frog Licker! How Super Russian Roulette is meant to be played. Super roulette youtube look of uncertainty. Mike Vito has been a slave to gaming ever since playing his super roulette youtube Atari A collector of all things retro, his main focus is obtaining a full NES collection. Being a father has rekindled his spirit for Nintendo and super roulette youtube now spends most of his time teaching his daughter about the games of yesteryear.

Follow Hey Poor Player. Beth Meadows Last-minute Halloween costumes: Jay Petrequin Mario's Bizarre Adventure It feels redundant to even write this review at this point, after all [

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